Working Groups

The Life-Transformative Education Task Force formed the following Working Groups to work on key aspects of the project. The groups are made up of Task Force members and additional faculty and staff selected depending on the specific working group focus.

Working Groups, as of Spring 2021:

Best Practices Working Group

Co-chairs: Sarah Croucher and Amit Savkar

Members: Dan Burkey, Jaclyn Chancey, Nisali Fernando, Jill Fitzgerald, Melissa Foreman, Fany Hannon, Kia Huggan, Jamie Kleinman, Katie Martin, Caroline McGuire, Dan Mercier, Jon Moore, Mansour Ndiaye, Yuhang Rong, Tom Van Hoof  

Authentic and Inclusive Learning Working Group

Co-Chairs: Marisa Chrysochoou and Manuela Wagner

Members: Chet Arnold, Michael Bradford, Milagros Castillo-Montoya, Rachael Gabriel, Brendan Kane, Luz Burgos Lopez, Glenn Mitoma, Sita Nyame, Joanna Rivera-Davis, Martina Rosenberg, Lisa Werkmeister Rozas, Kevin Thompson

Assessment Working Group

Co-Chairs: Lauren Jorgensen and Tamika La Salle

Members: Mohamad Alkadry, Katherine Connolly, Dan Doerr, Michael Li, Jeff Winston

Advising and Mentoring Working Group

Tri-Chairs: Sandy Bushmich, Erin Ciarimboli and Jen Lease Butts

Members: Chris Blesso, Joe Briody, Janine Caira, Dwight Codr, Micah Heuman, Jim Lowe, Jeanne McCaffrey, Joel Nebres, Tony Omega, Suzanne Onorato, David Ouimette, Willena Price, Sharyn Rusch, Jasmine Smith, Ellen Tripp

Communications Working Group

Co-Chairs: Xinnian Chen and Peter Diplock

Members: Nancy Bilmes, Patti Fazio, Kristi Henderson, Leo Lachut, Erin Mason