LTE Design Scaling Sprints

UConn’s Life-Transformative Education initiative has partnered with design thinking facilitators from UConn’s Greenhouse Studios to lead several project teams through a process to “scale up” and further develop existing experiential learning opportunities at UConn. The goal is both to enhance experiential learning at UConn as well as train a cohort of faculty and staff in design thinking.

Over the course of several sessions--in conversation with faculty and staff from across the university--selected teams will take stock of prior successes and available resources, identify new pathways for expansion, develop one or more prototypes, and set out concrete steps for implementation.

This is not a grant program. Nor is it intended to help initiatives in the early planning stages get off the ground. Instead, the scaling sprints are intended to help initiatives that are already successful, but currently limited in scope, reach more students.

Participants will commit to attending approximately five 2-hour sessions, scheduled over the course of approximately three weeks. It is expected that participants will be generous, collaborative, and non-proprietary with their ideas. A readiness to work with new partners and a willingness to see the selected program taken in new directions are essential.