Month: December 2021

Call for LTE Design Sprint proposals

The Life-Transformative Education initiative at UConn invites faculty and staff to submit proposals for our first LTE Experiential Learning Design Sprint. You can learn more about this opportunity below, as well as at our upcoming LTE at UConn Forum, this Friday, December 10, from 3 to 4:30 p.m.  


LTE at UConn has partnered with design thinking facilitators from The Design Gym to lead a few teams of faculty and staff through a process to scale up, develop, or improve experiential learning opportunities at UConn. The goal is both to enhance experiential learning options at UConn as well as train a cohort of faculty and staff in design thinking.  


Over the course of several sessions in the spring semester, selected teams will work with facilitators from The Design Gym and members of the LTE Core Team to shape their projects and create a plan for implementation. Projects could cover a broad scope of experiential learning activities, both inside and outside the classroom. We encourage team projects with up to four members, made up of faculty and/or staff. Successful applications will demonstrate a strong record of delivering high-quality, high-impact experiential education opportunities to students, either through credit-bearing courses or co-curricular programming. Finalists will have to commit to three half-day workshops, plus additional onboarding and review meetings.  


To apply, teams must submit a proposal of no more than one page. Your application should include: 1) the names and titles of your team members (up to four faculty and/or staff); 2) a description of the project you are proposing for the design sprint; 3) the reasons why it is a good candidate for expansion or development; 4) a preliminary description of any anticipated costs or investments that may be required; 5) how your program aligns with principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion; and 6) an affirmation that all group members will participate fully in the design sprint activities. 


Applications are due to by 1 p.m. on January 5.  


We look forward to receiving your proposals. 



LTE Core Team 


Michael Bradford
Vice Provost for Faculty, Staff, and Student Development

Sarah Croucher
Director of Academic Policy and Faculty Affairs

Jen Lease Butts
Associate Vice Provost for Enrichment Programs, Director of the Honors Program

Tom Scheinfeldt
Director, Greenhouse Studios, and Associate Professor, Digital Media and Design

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